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FO: Color Affection

Yup! Color Affection is finished! I started this back in September and it’s finally finished! It does still need to be blocked, but that’s minor.


Sorry for the rather horrible picture, but I wanted to get a pic of it. I’ll take better one’s after I’ve blocked it, promise!

There was, however, a casualty in the casting off process. It probably happened when I stuffed it in my bag as I left project night at my LYS where I had started casting off.


One of the needles snapped off the cable. I probably bent it to far in the aforementioned stuffing into the bag. I should have been more careful, but I’ve never had a cable snap before so I wasn’t concerned about it. Well, I learned my lesson. Good thing they were cheapo cables from one of the chain craft stores and I didn’t spend a whole lot on them. I’m thinking they were probably somewhere around $3, but I’m not sure. I’ve had them long enough that the coloring has worn off the tips exposing the shiny metal underneath. They’ve served me well though.

Have a good weekend! And hopefully I’ll have another finished item for you on Monday. 😉

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