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Blocking and More Blocking

This afternoon saw me blocking three different projects. One has been hanging around since July! Specifically, my Summer Solstice Mystery Shawl which was a mystery knit-a-long this summer that I participated in.

The other two projects being blocked are my Neville’s Cardigan and my Color Affection. Both of which were finished last week while I was on spring break.



The blue bled a little.
The blue bled a little.
It filled the whole sink!
It filled the whole sink!



All three together took up the whole living room floor! I got my mom to agree to let me move the coffee table so that I could pin all three out. I almost didn’t have enough space. I’m glad their getting blocked. I knew that if I didn’t get them done today, I wasn’t going to get them done. (There’s a reason Summer Solstice has been hanging around since July! I’m notoriously bad with blocking things.)

In other news, I cast on a pair of socks (two at a time) late Friday night. I hadn’t done any socks in a while and I wanted to knit some. I did the two at a time simply because, I often have second sock syndrome really bad and figured if I did them at the same time, one of them wouldn’t get left out.


I finished the cuffs this afternoon and started on the leg portion of the sock. I honestly don’t have a preference for cuff down, or toe up, I just knit it however the patterns written really.

And finally, I leave you with this:

It seems appropriate for a Monday.


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