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Still Drying

Remember, I said on Monday that I was blocking three things? And that they took up the whole floor?

Well, two of them are finished. In fact I wore Color Affection today as my scarf to school to keep out the wind. Summer Solstice also came out quite nicely considering how long it sat around waiting to be blocked. That, however is lace that really should be worn around one’s shoulders with a shawl pin (which, unfortunately, I don’t own any of).

So, I’m sure you can guess what’s left. Yup, Neville’s Cardigan. Worsted weight wool two, three or even four layers thick in some places is taking, you guessed it, forever to dry.


I propped the hood open with some metal DPN’s. I had bamboo one’s out but I had a feeling the amount of water still in the yarn would be damaging for the needles so I dug out some metal ones that I propped the hood up with.

The cat’s are certainly enjoying it. It’s something warm to lie on (even though some of it is damp), and the living room is still in a rather novel configuration.

Though today is/was the first day of Spring, I got a snow day yesterday. And there’s another storm on the way for this weekend!

Anyways, hopefully that sweater will dry by tomorrow night so I can put the buttons on (finally!) and wear it to my LYS on Friday, that would be great.

We’ll see!


6 thoughts on “Still Drying

    1. Thank you! I can’t wait to be able to wear it! (And since winter seems like it’s not going to stop I might just get a chance before it’s too warm.) Now it just has to dry…. 🙂

    1. Thanks! I’m glad I finished it too.

      And it’s finally dry as of coming home this afternoon…. Except for one spot on the left sleeve that is stubbornly refusing to dry 😛

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