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37 of 84

Well… I’m working my way through the Granny Cheyne’s Shetland Shawl which I started in January. I’ve completed 37 of the 84 needed repeats for the edging. So, I’m almost halfway there!


You can see the lace coming along nicely, but it is kinda hard to see unfortunately. Lace always looks much better after blocking.

I also broke another circular needle. The biggest problem however is that a) it’s currently part of the test knit I’m working on and b) I don’t have another needle of the same size that’s also the same length. I know what I’m doing on Wednesday, but I have to wait until then to get the new needle I want. And hopefully the one I’m gonna get, won’t break! Granted the one that just broke was part of a $10 set of bamboo circular’s off of Amazon, so they weren’t of the best quality to begin with so yeah, I guess I got what I paid for!


Comments welcome! :)

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