Accessories · Knitting

Clue 1

The first clue for the Capriole KAL was released this morning. I cast on on the first pair of needles I could grab of the right size. Unfortunately I didn’t get to much farther than that. I’m hoping to move things along a bit tomorrow.


The swatch is surprisingly still around. I had been thinking the cats would get a hold of it fairly quickly.

I stopped off at my LYS today ad well because I needed a needle to replace the one I snapped earlier this week. They have those China red one’s, and they have the lace tips! I got one for my Granny Cheyne shawl and I loved it, so when I needed a replacement, I got another of those. Hopefully I’ll have a full set someday!

Hope you all had a good hump day, Happy Passover to those celebrating and a preventive Happy Easter.

Comments welcome! :)

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