Clue 2

Clue 2 came out today! I downloaded it this morning, and printed it out. But did I start knitting? Nope. Know why? I forgot to bring it with me to campus! I have some time between classes where I can knit, and I totally blanked on putting Capriole back in my knitting bag after taking it out on Friday.

So, tomorrow nigh, I’m going to start clue 2. Why tomorrow night? Well, I work in the morning (though that hasn’t really stopped me before) but I have a test and a career fair on campus tomorrow. Busy day.

The scarf is coming along nicely though:


Cokie has rather fallen in love with attacking my knitting. About 3 seconds after that pic she was under the scarf completely. She’s a goofy cat for sure.

Something fun did come in the mail for me today!


All of last years “Piecework” issues! Mid-March they had a huge sale on the physical copies they still had in stock and I got all 6 for a great discount. I love reading about all the different crafts. There’s their annual lace issue and the summer issue was all about the color blue, my favorite! I can’t wait to sit down and read them all when I have more time (though I will admit to reading one this afternoon after they got here).

I always feel inspired after reading them to learn something new. Like bobbin lace. Or tatting. Or knit something Victorian. It’s all just so very interesting!

Maybe I should take up tatting next. What do you think?


Comments welcome! :)

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