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Sky Scarf: March


I sat down when I got home today and knit the rest of March on my Sky Scarf. I’d been letting it lag, and since I had a couple of free hours, I decided I just needed to get off my butt and knit the darn thing. I’m not knitting it every day (I’d get very bored of it very quickly – it’s just my personality), but I had originally been knitting once a week, catching up on the previous week. Well, with school, March kinda ended up as a huge chunk that needed to be done. So I did it.


In between the white is the month of March. I also knit the first week of April, and now only have yesterday and today to knit, which I’ll probably take care of over the weekend once the whole week has gone by.

And in case you’re deceived by how organized I am about this…


… this is how I work on the Sky Scarf. The plastic baggies are to minimize both cat fur and the attention of the cats themselves (and to keep the yarn balls neat!).


Comments welcome! :)

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