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Clue #3 Spoiler

Clue 3 came out this morning. I promptly got to work on it when I got home today and polished it off in a couple of hours.


Unfortunately, I’m loosing some of the pattern in the colors of the yarn. I probably shouldn’t have used such a variegated yarn, but hey, you live and learn.

All my other projects are moving steadily forward, but it’s a rather slow steady. College takes a lot of time, so having 7 (yes 7) WIPs doesn’t make for the most efficient use of my crafting time. I just can’t bring myself to be one of those “one project at a time” people. I’m far to ADD for that. And no, I don’t just say ADD, I really do have it, and doing one thing at a time is nearly impossible for me (trust me, I’ve tried).

I gave my friend his scarf yesterday. He seemed quite pleased with it. I only hope it doesn’t need to be used until next year!

My mother and I also have plans to go to Windsor Button one last time before they close for good. We’re going Friday, their final day is Saturday. I barely even knew about the, but it’s sad to see a family business go no matter where it is. I think there’s something to be said for the little corner store run by a family. It’s not exactly that, but I feel the sentiment is the same.

Anyways, I’ll probably have lots of yarn to show off from my visit on Friday, so stay tuned!


Comments welcome! :)

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