Bag ‘O Yarn

Or rather, bags.


My mom and I went to the second to last day of Windsor Button today. Hard to believe a store that’s been around since 1936 is going out of business.

But, I’m not above taking advantage of a sale, and the owners themselves, along with the employees, that the best thing was to come and support them in their final days. So support them we did. I’ll give a more detailed breakdown on what I got on Monday (after I’ve had the weekend to sort it!).

I went with a few different things in mind. One, if I fell in love with something, I wasn’t going to leave it. Partly because, when I went in March, I didn’t get this one skein that I then obsessed about for two weeks. Two, I had a couple of patterns I wanted to get yarn for, specifically, sweaters, because buying that much yarn at once is prohibitively expensive normally, but when everything is 50% off, things become a bit more manageable. So I got yarn for Aidez specifically, and even for the brand and type it calls for in the pattern!

You may have noticed that there’s a bag of yarn strapped to what appears to be a rolling suitcase in the picture at the beginning of this post. And you’d be right. I ended up with two bags of yarn, and my mom with one bag of yarn and some sewing stuff. It was raining in Boston today and the bags we were given by the store were awkward to carry. So what did we do? We went and bought that rolling suitcase of course! Made transporting the yarn through the streets of Boston that much easier.

On another note, my mom’s going to learn how to knit socks! She got four different sock yarns today and I’m going to walk her through it. She knows the basics of knitting, but she’s never been a “knitter”, not like I am. But, she wants socks, and socks she shall have!

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend, and make sure to stay warm and dry. unlike where I am, which is neither!


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