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FO: Capriole and Boston

Today, the final clue for the Capriole shawl came out. Despite having quite a lot of homework to do, I quickly got to knitting the 12 rows of the final clue. Unfortunately, I ran out of yarn right as I came to the bind off, so I used some leftover yarn of the same weight from another project in order to do the bind off. Thank goodness the colors are quite similar and it’s not terribly noticeable. Now all I have to do is block it.


On another note… I was hesitant to post on Monday due to what happened at the Boston Marathon. I didn’t know what I wanted to say, or if I should say anything at all. My personal thoughts on dealing with terrorism is that, if we let it affect our everyday lives, we’re letting it win. I’m not going to stop going to school, or public events simply because of an act of terror. In my opinion, giving into terror is how they win. So I refuse to give in.

I’m saddened by the deaths of those people, by the 170+ injured, the people who have had their lives irrevocably changed. Nothing is going to be the same for any of the people affected by this attack.

As someone who lives in what is technically a suburb of Boston (I’m within 50 miles) I think of myself as a New Englander first, and a New Hampsherite second. I was born in Massachusetts and I have family there. Patriot’s Day is grounded in the tangible sites and places we have here. It is a day to celebrate the freedom that was hard one. To walk the paths that those pioneers walked. So stroll down the same streets, stand in the same places as those hero’s we learn about in school. Sometimes I think living in New England makes me more nostalgic, a little more inclined to respect history and remember those that had passed. There’s so much history in every town here that it’s easy to keep that connection to the past.

It’s ironic that I found out about the bombing from a friend in California. He texted me wanted to make sure I was okay. I was, and am, fine. I had been at the mall with friends and had no idea anything had happened until after 5pm when I finally turned on the news to the horror show that was on repeat.

As I said, I feel for those injured, and the families of them and those that died. But the media circus is enough for me to want to boycott the news. The different news agencies have been jumping the gun the whole time, reporting inaccurate facts and misleading the public. It’s a genuine tragedy that has happened, but I am no longer watching it because I no longer trust what I am being by the media (news conferences held by those in charge of the investigation are another story entirely).

Despite all those differences that may seem to separate us, I hope that all of those who were injured find whatever healing they need, and that the families of those who were killed get the justice they deserve.

I know I don’t normally get up on a soapbox like that, but I felt that I had to acknowledge what had happened somehow. So thank you and I’ll be back on Friday.


Comments welcome! :)

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