Accessories · Knitting

2nd Repeat

Well, I’ve got two repeats of the main chart of Crushed finished.


It doesn’t look like much right now, cause it’s all scrunched up on the needles, but the shawl is actually quite large once it’s blocked (lace has a tendency to grow a lot).

That’s the biggest crafting thing going on right now (other than my Luna dress, and I’m planning to get fabric for that soon). My last final is tomorrow, and as of right now I don’t have a job for the summer. I have some ideas about things and I’m going to apply to a few places, but it’s a little late in the game right now unfortunately.

And another thing, apparently they’re planning selected early showings of Star Trek: Into Darkness and I’m giddy with excitement! I may go to both premieres, the limited release, and the actual midnight premiere (which is what I had originally intended to go see with my boyfriend). We’ll see how next week works out though. I can’t wait! I’m a huge Trekkie. 🙂


Comments welcome! :)

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