Star Trek: Into Darkness

As many people know, Star Trek: Into Darkness is coming out this weekend here in the US. Well, I found an advance screening near me (there were quite a few tonight spread around the country) and got tickets for my boyfriend and I to go.

To put it simply, the movie was amazing. This is what I posted to Facebook as we drove home after the movie: Star Trek: Into Darkness: bloody fucking awesome. I laughed, I cried, I screamed, I cheered. That is all.

It was an amazing movie. It’s so hard to talk about without spoiling anything! I loved it. So what if most of the action stays close to home (read: Earth), it doesn’t matter. It’s still great.

This is really hard to talk about without spoilers! 😛 Don’t worry, I won’t say anything for those of you who wish to see the movie this weekend, but after tonight, there’s going to be a lot of spoilers out there. I will just say this, the plot twist at the end is very much a twist.

I know I don’t normally talk about this kind of stuff here, this is a knitting (and crafting) blog after all. But Star Trek has been a love of mine since day one. I watched The Next Generation growing up, and have grown to love the franchise as a whole. I loved in 2009 when they released the previous movie to this one. It was a great way to reinvigorate the franchise. I think this movie does just as good a job. It was fun, enjoyable, and even heart wrenching at times. It was everything a good movie should be. So what if it’s science fiction. That doesn’t take away from the very emotional impact of the move.

I’ll be back to the knitting/crafting on Friday. But for now, I’ll leave you with a picture (found online) of the poster I got tonight for going to the advance screening.


Comments welcome! :)

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