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Yarn and Petticoat

Today I headed down to Wayland, MA to deliver the Crushed shawl to Kate of A Hundred Ravens (Etsy link). Kate was also having a yarn swap so I brought some yarn to swap. I ended up bringing home more than I went with. Isn’t that always the case?


I had a great time at the yarn swap. I even got to dye some yarn myself! I chose yellow (a very bright Hufflepuff yellow 😛 ) and I nice deep blue. The skein ended up a little more yellow than blue, but that’s totally fine, I’m still in love with it. 🙂


I got a bunch of other yarn too. Quite a bit actually. One woman, I didn’t swap with, but she just wanted to get rid of some sock yarn, so I took it (you can never half enough sock yarn – or enough hand knit socks!).

On the knitting front, I’ve been working on Dreambird, which I’ve renamed Phoenix Feathers because of the way the yarn is working up.


I’ve added another feather since last night.

Today was busy though. I did the yarn swap. Got home around 4PM, had to turn around and go right back out so I could get the proper elastic for the skirt and petticoat of my costume for Anime Boston.


I finished the petticoat with my moms help. It’s far from perfect, but it’ll work nicely under the skirt. And no one is going to see it anyways, so who cares if I messed up the seams, or if there’s thread snarls cause I couldn’t control the machine. This is a learning experience and no one’s going to see the petticoat anyways.

Tomorrow it’s going to be the skirt (much simpler than the petticoat) and the dress itself. Some adjustments have to be made to the dress, but I’m hoping everything works out alright in the end. I’m certainly getting there! I can’t wait to be able to wear the whole get-up (wig and all) at the convention.


Comments welcome! :)

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