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AB Recap

Wow, talk about bad at blogging, right? It’s been what, a week?

I don’t have much knitting for you folks as of right now. But I am getting close to finishing Dreambird, which will be nice. The next thing I’m planning to start is Rockefeller. It’s got some interesting construction, so hopefully it’ll be a challenging knit!

As for Anime Boston, I had a great time (even though I didn’t stay up late). The panels I went to were interesting and informative. The costumes I saw were incredible, and I even got complimented on mine!


If it’s not obvious… I’m the one on the left. 😛

Knitting did happen at the con (during panels to keep my hands occupied). I finished one sock of a pair I’m working on, and turned the heel on the second one. Granted both had been started, but I probably did 50% of the work while sitting in panels over the weekend. I should be finished the pair soon.

I did get some cool souvenirs, the biggest one is a thing called Nekomimi. They’re brainwave reading cat ears and totally awesome. It’ll be easy to work them into future cosplays. The second, not so big thing, was a set of all nine Eeveelutions as prints from an artist. They’re great, and because I got the set, I got a free key-chain! I also got some small stuff. An Anime Boston t-shirt and lanyard, and a Sailor Moon wallet (that isn’t pink!). Overall it was a great weekend.

Until next time, when there should be more knitting.


Comments welcome! :)

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