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Cast On Mania

… well, only a little bit.

I finished Phoenix Feathers aka Dreambird. On Sunday, and of course, immediately cast on for another project or three.


It hasn’t been blocked yet, but it is done. I like how it came out. The darker red-orange background with the changing blue and orange feather yarn worked out far nicer than I thought it would (I was very worried about it at first).

I signed up (read: bought the pattern) for a June KAL. It’s a mystery one, but I’m going to stop and get the needle for it this afternoon. I have the correct size, but the tips of the one I have aren’t pointy enough (I think I’m a permanent convert to lace-tips – everything else seems too dull now). It’s coming along though.

The other two projects I started were another Color Affection, and Rockefeller. The Color Affection is for my mom (who wanted me to knit her something out of some green yarn my grandmother gave me), and Rockefeller is a KAL being run by my LYS for the spring/early summer. Both are coming along nicely (and I’ll have pics for my next post).

Hope you all had a good weekend, and I’m planning on enjoying the cooler weather for the next few days.


Comments welcome! :)

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