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MKAL Clue #3

It’s coming along smoothly. I finished the first ball of yarn.


I have been working on the Granny Cheyne Shawl, I finally finished all of the points for the edge and I picked up all the stitches for the inner border. I’m planning to work the border in the round instead of one border at a time to save on seaming.


Picking up all of those stitches too a rediculous amount of time. At least I got the right number!

2 thoughts on “MKAL Clue #3

  1. Both beautiful. I have to remember that the shawl knitting KAL is not a race! And you have yours on a longer needle so it spreads out well for photographs. Also, it’s a lighter color than mine, so it shows off the pattern very well. Can’t wait to see it in person!

    1. The shawl also spreads out nicer now that I’ve decreased the stitches. For a while I couldn’t spread the whole thing out.

      I’ve been slowing down on it too, Clue 3 is a kicker with all the repeats. I’ll try to remember to bring it on Friday. 🙂

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