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More WIPs

There’s always more WIPs.

Right now the two I’m focusing on are first, Rockefeller, and second, the second Color Affection I’m working on for my mom.

The picture doesn't do the saturation of the colors justice.
The picture doesn’t do the saturation of the colors justice.


I’m on Section 2 of Rockefeller, and repeat 7 of part 2 on Color Affection

The rows on Affection are starting to take a really long time due to the fact that they’re constantly getting longer, but I’ll deal with it. I figure, it’s a quick knit, so I’ll power through it and then focus on other projects that I have going.

did finish the MKAL I was doing, but I don’t have any good pictures of the finished project yet so ya’ll have’ta wait. 🙂 It came out really nicely though (and I’m actually rather fond of how the light purple color of the yarn worked with the pattern).


5 thoughts on “More WIPs

    1. It’s a shawl by Stephen West. It’s got a lot of geometrical elements. I’ve started the second section. It doesn’t look like much now, but it should be really nice once it’s done.

        1. Thank you! I thought so too when my LYS thought it up as a KAL (though since anyone can start the pattern whenever it’s more like, a bunch of us knitting the same thing at the same time). 🙂

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