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Yet Another FO

Lets make that 3 in the last week.

I cast on the Brandywine Shawl on Friday at knit night at my LYS. I was/am working the patter at the same time as someone else and I’m helping her through it (as she’s a newer knitter). I was going to try and pace her, but once I got started I just kinda kept going. Either way I can still help her because I’ve already worked the pattern, but I still feel bad that I (figuratively) left her in the dust.

On Saturday,  finished Chart A,


Yesterday I finished Chart B (doing 16 repeats instead of 15 and I could have gotten 17 out of the yarn),


And bound off this morning


This was the only thing I worked on over the weekend and now I’m going to put in a good long week on Granny Cheyne, which has been languishing at the bottom of my project bag. The poor thing deserves to be finished. I’m probably going to start using lifelines on it as well as I think I need them, and I’m going to have to get used to them for Evenstar anyways.


Comments welcome! :)

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