This and That

So, I have six WIPs listed on my Ravelry page. Two of them are ongoing projects. The first is my Sky Scarf which is going to be done in December (I haven’t finished knitting June yet, but I’m still keeping track of the sky so I can catch up when I get around to it). The second on-going project is my Beekeepers Quilt which is an indefinitely on-going project because I’m using scraps from other projects to make it and it’ll be done when I think I have enough hexipuffs (and who knows when that will be).

I’m actively working on four active projects. The first is my Granny Cheyne Shawl which I’m actually working on again. I’ve done 10 of the 102 inner border rows. This is a two row a day kind of project because the rows are so long. If I was following the directions as written it would be far less but I’d have to knit each of the four inner borders separately and then seam them. I don’t mind seaming, but I don’t want to have to do it either so I’m knitting them in the round all at once. That makes for some very long rows really, but I’ll live.

I even have some pictures of it, even if it doesn’t look like much.




Next is a pair of socks on which I’ve only managed one repeat of the first chart of the first leg.


A cowl that’s out of some bulky yarn I got as a present. It should be a nice accessory come winter time. (Which I apparently haven’t taken any pictures of recently)

And finally, the Evenstar Shawl, which is another huge lace project that isn’t very big at the moment but I’m working on it.


So that’s what’s up. I haven’t finished anything recently 😉 but I did finish three things in the last two weeks and that’s plenty for now. I enjoy both the process of knitting and the results, so if I’m working on the process for a little while, I’m not to worried by it.


Comments welcome! :)

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