Preparing to Fly

Or “In Which I probably bring far to much yarn”.

In the morning I fly to Florida. I have a stop over (during which I change planes) in Laguardia(sp?) in NYC.

In my knitting bag I am bringing 4 WIPs, and a ball of yarn to start another project. In my suitcase is the yarn for three projects plus my spindle and fiber. I’m going for a week and a half. Too much? Probably. Am I doing to leave any of it? Nope.

The new project I’m planning to start tomorrow is the Aidez Sweater from Berocco. The yarn is Berocco Peruvia Quick and I have a gorgeous reddish brown color. This is my Rhinebeck sweater. That’s right! I’m planning to go to Rhinebeck in November! Yay! But, as a sweater seems like a traditional thing to do, so sweater it is!

The yarn:


Anywho, it is getting far to late for me to be up to fly tomorrow. Catch y’all in the sunshine!


Comments welcome! :)

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