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Knit, Crochet, Cross Stitch

Mostly I talk about knitting here on my blog (and once in a while crochet), but I’m also interested in things like Cross Stitch, Embroidery, Sewing (well, I’ve talked about that). I draw, I’ve done ceramics, even some abstract 3D art stuff.

Where am I going with this? Well pictures of a cross stitch pattern of course!

I’m staying with my aunt in Florida and one of her friends is very much into cross stitch. My aunt took me to the store her friend goes to all the time and I found a pattern I liked, got the supplies, and yesterday I got started on it. Don’t worry, I’ve been knitting too, but pictures of the cross stitch first.



And now to the knitting!

I started the Aidez sweater pattern on the way down on Wednesday.

First I swatched:


Then I cast on:


by the time I’d landed I finished the edge and had started on the main pattern.


I’ve also started a baby blanket for my cousin and his wife. They’re expecting their second child in October and since I made their son a baby blanket I figured I’d make this next child something as well. As I want this blanket to be used, and not folded in a closet to only be taken out on special occasions, I went for a machine washable/dryable acrylic that’s still quite nice, but will be able to take a beating. As my cousin isn’t telling about the sex of the baby, I went with nice pastel yellow that will go well with a boy or a girl. I’m also crocheting it as blankets take forever (or at least seem like forever) to knit.



2 thoughts on “Knit, Crochet, Cross Stitch

  1. I love all of your projects, Jess! I’ve recently gotten back into cross-stitching, too, and it’s fun to have different things to do that are all creative. Have a great time in FL, and see you when you (and I) get back.

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