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One More Day

Today is the last full day of my vacation in Florida. Tomorrow I fly home to New Hampshire via Michigan. Why Delta has me going through Detroit I don’t know. Never been through that airport so it’ll be interesting at least.

As for what I’ve been working on while on vacation…. far less than I thought it would be. The heat down here has been oppressive and it’s actually been hard for me to breathe and sleep some nights due to my sinuses being so bad. It’s hard to have the energy to crochet a blanket or knit a sweater or even a sock when one can barely breathe.

There has been some progress on the baby blanket.


I’m probably a 1/3 of the way done, judging from how wide it’s becoming. The pattern is extremely simple. One set up row, then you repeat the same row over and over again until it’s long enough, and with crochet you don’t have to do a bind off row. Quite nice that!

I did get some knitting magazines while I’m down here in the Sunshine state, and a couple of books. I always seem to come home with more reading material than I left with. My aunt also gave me a book from The Oatmeal about how to tell if you’re cats going to kill you. It’s a pretty funny read.


The Unofficial Harry Potter Knits is probably my favorite. I’ve loved the Harry Potter series since I first started reading it and to have all of these wonderful knitted items is great. The needlepoint book is more of a ‘how to do the basics of many things’ kind of book. There knit and crochet, but also embroidery, quilting, and applique. I don’t really know how to do any of those, but hey, a reference is always good.

The agenda for today is volunteering with the dogs (my aunt does Greyhound rescue) and then dinner with my aunts friends down here who are a wonderful group of people and I genuinely like hanging out with.

Tomorrow I fly home. It’ll be both good to be home and sad to go at the same time. I don’t get to see my family down here nearly enough, and I often have to leave before I can see all of them. Even though I’m done school in December I’m hoping I can make it down one more time before I have to start working.

Another thing to do when I get home. Start applying for jobs. That’s right! I get to join the working world come January! It’ll certainly be an interesting transition for me, I’ve never had a full time job, focusing more on school than anything, but, school will soon be over and work is what’s next.


2 thoughts on “One More Day

  1. Ooo!! I see a sale tag on that “Knitted Gifts” book! I may need to make a trip to Barnes and Noble! You’ve been missed at project night the past 2 weeks! We’re looking forward to having you back! 🙂

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