An Extra Day

Instead of flying home yesterday, after spending four hours in the airport, I was back at my aunts house and waiting for my 7AM flight today.

It was a whole big thing, with a malfunction and a delay and finally ended with the changing of my flight, spending an extra night in Florida and I flew home this morning.

Getting home felt good, but even this time, there were things that weren’t the greatest. Though I got some very pretty views of clouds as we flew. For example, leaving LaGuardia there was a traffic jam. Yes, you read that right, a traffic jam, I even took a picture of it!


It was crazy, we sat out there for like a half hour. Oh and that was probably the smallest plane I’ve ever been on. I am not a tall person, and I felt like I was going to hit my head on the ceiling. Also, it was only three seats across, two on one side, one on the other I got the single seat, which was nice, as I wasn’t bumping elbows with anyone, but I was in the exit row. Eh, nothing happened, it’s in the past now, no big deal.

I did work on the baby blanket while I was in the air


even put a good few inches on it too between my two flights.

Now, I’m home, and the cats are ignoring me. Figures.


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