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I somehow managed to forget to post a blog post all of last week. Definite oops there!

Anyways, not this past weekend, but the weekend before, I went to Canobie Lake Park with some friends. We had a grand time.

I worked on some socks while standing in line (2 at a time on 2 circulars),


And I screamed my head off on the Untamed coaster (and all the other coasters too for that matter).

That’s me, front row on the left. And no, the other girl in the front is NOT flipping of the camera. She’s doing the ‘rock on’ hand sign but you can’t see it.

The baby blanket was finished on the 16th.


Finally, the armhole decreases for Aidez have been started.


I did modify the decreases for Aidez. The way they’re written the decreases won’t lie smoothly with the look of the raglan. So I switched which way they lean. Meaning that I’ll be knitting a SSK where the patter says k2tog, and a k2tog where it says SSK.

Quite a lot can happen in a week I guess!

Finally, on a spinning note, there’s a free plan to build your own spinning wheel online at Spinning Daily and I’m going to look into building my own. It’s far cheaper than buying one. It just takes some carpentry skills. I’m hoping my dad would help.


Comments welcome! :)

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