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It often comes from interesting places.

The most recent comes from Glenna over at Knitting to Stay Sane. On Saturday she posted her recently finished Pi Shawl.

This triggered my own need to knit one myself. I went through my yarn stash and decided on some very fuzzy stuff that I hadn’t been sure what to do with. It’s too fuzzy for any detail work, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to just a plain scarf with it.

The version of the Pi Shawl is one of the varients from the Knitters Almanac. It has a yo, k2tog row ever six rows to make it a little lacier but still very simple. And, honestly, I need something simple. All of the projects I have going right now (outside of the sky scarf and beekeepers quilt) are quite complicated.

I’ve burned through the center of the shawl pretty quickly, but the slog begins once the rows get really long. I started on DPNs, now I’ve got it magic loop on a 40″ circular that’ll be able to accommodate all of the stitches once it gets bigger. (Planning ahead is always a good thing.)

In other news, I finished the back of my Aidez sweater yesterday and started on the left front. I’m hoping to get through the front pieces and the sleeves fairly quickly. I’m going to have to block everything before I sew it together. Otherwise it’s just not going to go together properly.


2 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. It’s funny, I was thinking just the other night of emailing to ask you where you figure out what you will knit, because you have such a variety of things you knit. Not like you always knit only hats or whatever, or that your favorite thing is cables, lace, or fair isle. You have such eclectic tastes that I never think, “Oh, that’s just the kind of thing Jess knits,” because you might knit it all!

    1. Well, there are things I won’t knit but that’s mainly because I don’t like their style. I guess I’m just the kind of person that will tackle just about anything. If I like the idea of something, or I like the look, no matter what it is, I’ll jump in and knit it. Granted, I have a predominance of shawls in my queue, and I am rather fond of lace, I enjoy plenty of other stuff too and I think it’s fun to do something different.

      I’ll get bored if I do the same thing over and over again, so I think that’s why I knit so many different things.

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