Jousts in The Rain

As I had mentioned on Friday, going to King Richards Faire was up in the air.

Well, we ended up going. (Cue the pictures!)











DSCF5218 DSCF5219

I had a great time despite the slightly damp weather. I had my Rockefeller shawl with me as well and had a very nice conversation with a woman about knitting while standing in line waiting for lunch.

The fact that it had rained all morning worked in our favor, because even though it was opening weekend, it wasn’t packed at all. It was nice without the crowds.

I hope everyone else enjoyed their holiday weekends, I certainly know I did.

2 thoughts on “Jousts in The Rain

    1. I started going to King Richard’s in 2007 and I’ve been every year since. I’ve had a grand time going. It was a little dirtier than normal this year because of the rain, but overall it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

      And thanks 🙂 I’be been working on my costume for a few years. The belt was this years addition.

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