Patriot’s Day

As everyone is probably very well aware, today is September 11th.

In 2002 President George W. Bush designated today as Patriot’s Day.

If this was any other Wednesday I would have a normal blog post for you (as I’ve been remiss in posting for the last few days), but today is not a normal Wednesday. I may still have class and go about my everyday things, there are reminders everywhere about what day it is.

However, maybe because I think about things differently, I don’t think that being sad all day is the way to go. It should be a celebration more than anything. New Orleans may have the right idea about things. Celebrate the life. Don’t mourn the death.

I freely admit that what happened is tragic. I was 13, sitting in class, watching it happen. It was a horrible day.

Finally, being the animal lover that I am, I have to recommend one memorial program they premiered last night actually. It was on Animal Planet and it was all about the service dogs used to find the survivors and recover the remains of the victims after the attacks. These dogs worked just as hard as their human counterparts and it was very touching watching their stories last night.

I’ll see you all tomorrow for hopefully a much happier post.

Comments welcome! :)

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