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Some Sewing

I’ve been putting off making a skirt since April/May sometime. I got the fabric to make this skirt when I got the stuff to make my costume for Anime Boston… so it’s been a while.

I decided that in order to get my butt in gear I’d bring it with my tonight to project night at my LYS, since they have sewing stuff as well.




It’s a nice long, red, circle skirt. It’s technically a costume poodle skirt pattern, but without the applique, no one has to know. πŸ™‚

I did actually finish it (except for the hem) tonight and it came out nice. I’m not the most experienced, but it’s basically straight seams, it was the cutting part that was a tad difficult as pinning it out took a fair amount of time (and pins).

The sleeve of myΒ Aidez is moving a long, so hopefully I’ll have more of that next week. Enjoy your weekends everyone!

Comments welcome! :)

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