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Happy November!

I meant to put a Halloween post up yesterday, but I ended up falling asleep early last night. I did have fun handing out candy though! A lot of the kids thought it was super cool that I’d dressed up myself.


I also added a cloak to that cause it was rather chilly standing outside. I felt kinda bad about the compliments because I really put no effort into it at all. I already owned every piece I wore and I threw it on in less than 5 minutes.

Anywho, the knitting!

Warning! November is National Novel Writing Month! There will be evenย less knitting than normal for the following 30 days!

If you remember from previous years, I do NaNoWriMo every year. Don’t worry, the 1,667 words/day won’t interfere with my knitting (too much), and I’ll still have plenty of pretty pictures to share.


I got my mitten re-started last week. I was getting a fabric that was far too tight, as I mentioned, and this one is going far, far better. Now I just need to actually work on them. I’ll probably get some work in tonight on them which should be good.


Current word count as of 9AM: 115 words.


Comments welcome! :)

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