12 of 53

The Doctor Who scarf is coming along quite nicely.

I’ve done 12 of 53 stripes required. Of course, they are all of different widths, so some of them take far longer than other’s, but I’m happy with how quickly it’s going along.



And as you can see, Cokie likes getting in the way of knitting pictures. She was even purring as she curled up on top of it.

I’m hoping to finish the scarf quickly. I haven’t really been working on any other knitting. I think I hit an overload of projects and need to focus on one at a time and just finish them off. But this scarf, which is garter stitch, is a nice break from all the lace and detailed work.


One thought on “12 of 53

  1. I love it! I can’t wait to see it on Friday. I love garter stitch projects, both for how simple and meditative they are to knit, and for how soft and squishy they feel. Have fun with it! Or rather, continue to have fun with it!

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