What a Week!

For me, this has been an incredibly long week. Monday I was in a car accident and my poor Toyota got slightly smooshed (best word for it). It’s fixable, but I highly doubt I’ll get the car back by New Years (parts are going to be tricky to find, it’s a 1997 Camry…). I do have another car I can drive (this one registered to my father) so I can at least still get to campus for class!

Like I said, smooshed.
Like I said, smooshed.

No one was hurt, but dealing with the insurance company has been stressful.

Not much knitting has been going on, but I have added a couple of stripes to my Doctor Who Scarf!

18 of 53 stripes.

I’ll get through it eventually. I’m trying to whittle away at my list of projects. I frogged a couple of them I knew I wasn’t going to finish and I’ve prioritized the one’s I’ve still got going on. We’ll see how long that prioritization lasts, I’m not exactly good at sticking to one thing over another.

Here’s to hoping next week will be better than this one was! And I hope you all (or at least those of you in the USA) have a good Thanksgiving!


Comments welcome! :)

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