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Finally Seaming

I’m sure you remember my Aidez cardigan? Well, it’s blocked and I’m going to start seaming it tomorrow!



Cokie was ‘helping’ me block the sweater. I spread some of those foam pads out on my bed and pinned to that. There’s a lot of sweater there.

I’ve also been working on my Pizazz Socks which were originally a KAL but I didn’t do it then. The woman who teaches crochet at my LYS actually wrote the patter (It’s a knitting pattern though).


That was my progress on the first one yesterday. I had originally started doing them two at a time but that wasn’t going well so I split them up into individual socks. Going much better now. I actually turned the heel this morning and I’ve finished the gusset and started working my way down the foot. Hopefully I’ll have this one finished soon and then the other one banged out before new years.

I’m really trying to cut back on the number of WIPs I have. Being in the double digits is just something that I don’t like.

My Sky Scarf (if any remembers that from months ago) has been sitting unfinished. I’ve still been keeping track of the days, but I haven’t actually knit much more on it and I’ve fallen behind in that department.

Those big huge lace projects are coming along slowly too. And Selkie, and a pi shawl and a crochet shawl and… I really need to stop starting things and start finishing them instead! Oh, and the Doctor Who Scarf and Fox Mittens.

Anyways, hopefully I’ll get though a fair amount this weekend (not that I think I’ll come anywhere close to finishing anything) as I don’t have too much homework. Wish me luck!


7 thoughts on “Finally Seaming

  1. I just got some of those foam squares for blocking – far less expensive to get them at the Home Depot than at the k nitting store, I am sad to say. But at 1/3 the price, I just could not pass it up. they are super!

    All yoru projects sound like good ones, I can see why you started them all – and I know you WILL finish them, can;t wait to see the progress here!

    1. I got them from Home Depot too (and my boyfriend, he had a set he wasn’t using), as much as I love the owner of my LYS, I’m on a very limited budge and just can’t afford the one’s she stocks.

      As to my amount of projects, I love them all and they all seem great, but I should work on fewer at a time so that I can finish things quicker! Spreading my attention between three or four WIPs is a little more efficient than eight or ten WIPs.

      1. A while back I moved,a nd in the process realized how many WIPS I had stashed around. I made a new rule fro myself – only two at a time – one that is mobile and one that isn’t. It works out pretty well fro me, most of the time. Occasionally I get a case of startitis, but I rein myself in. What it makes me do is FINISH things, because I really want to start the next one, but I can’t because of this rule. It took a long time to develop, but it works for me!

        1. I’m not sure I could hold myself to just two at a time, but it’s something I can try once I get the number of projects down. Of course, the fact that I just cast something on isn’t helping me any (at least it was stash yarn!).

          1. lol using stash yarn is good! It is a tough thing to do, but it does work, eventually – more FOs! I tried limiting myself to one, but as you know, some projects need different quality of knitting time than others. So I allowed myself two,and I try to make sure one is reasonably simple and fast – the mobile project, usually a hat, but right now, endless leg warmers. the other one can be larger or more complicated. Right now, that is a beaded scarf on tiny needles with lace weight yarn, it is taking forever. Every now and then I allow three, but then when that one is done, I head back to the two so they don’t hide in the closet. Pick a number that works for you and try it – you might like it!

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