I Goofed and I Baked

The goof was on the 26th section of the Doctor Who Scarf. I knit it as yellow. It’s supposed to be tan. I didn’t notice until my boyfriend pointed it out to me today just as I was finishing the 37th section.

I just couldn’t leave it. I couldn’t. I know that not many people will notice a mistake like that, but I’ll know it’s there and I can’t have that.


Yup. My scarf is in two sections. I pulled it apart at the join between the 25th and 26th sections. I’m going to knit the tan as I was supposed to then join with the gray section that’s supposed to be next. Guess it’s time to figure out how to graft two pieces of garter stitch together!

Also: It’s a really good thing that my color joins aren’t super knotted and short. I was actually able to pull it out without cutting anything, though what I’m going to do with that length of yellow I have no idea at this point. I’ll figure something out.

And in the baking department…



I made cookies! I’m going to frost them in the morning (I’m too tired to do it tonight) but, cookies! Anise cookies! A holiday classic in my mom’s family courtesy of my great grandmother (maternal grandfather’s mother – if you can follow that).

I’m planning to bring some to knit night at my LYS tomorrow as a treat. I don’t bake/cook often, but I shared the cake I made for my birthday and I figured I’d bring some of these. I wanted them anyways, and I knew my mom wouldn’t object to my baking them, so now the house smells nicely of anise. It’s a great smell this time of year. And the flavoring isn’t even really that strong, it tastes nothing like licorice (or absinthe!), it’s much more subtle.

I hope everyone had a good Christmas yesterday and though I’ll have another post before New Years, Happy New Years anyways!


PS: Have a penguin pinata full of nips. We swung at it with a sword. I didn’t end up drinking any of the nips, but a ton of fun anyways. Who doesn’t like a pinata?



2 thoughts on “I Goofed and I Baked

  1. i don’t blame you for pulling it out – if it bothered you then it’s worth the effort.

    and yum – anise cookies! my grandmother made them too. a few years back an aunt shared a similar recipe for anise loaf – much easier to shape one whole loaf and still very yummy!

    1. Shaping a loaf certainly sounds easier! It took probably a good three hours for the whole thing with the mixing and the baking in batches. Glad to hear someone else likes anise too! It’s hard to find people that like it in cookies/deserts.

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