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2013 In Review

It’s been quite a year hasn’t? My blog has certainly seen more activity and I’ve had quite a lot of change in my life too. I gradutated school, can you believe it?

Granted, I didn’t finish every project I started this year, there’s some that are going over to next year, but I also did some sewing and some crochet on top of the knitting so that’s something!

For knitting and crochet, these are the projects I finished this year:

  • Lazer Cozy – a crocheted cozy for a vet’s office
  • Natalya – fingerless mits
  • Scarf for Rich – a striped scarf of my own design that I knot for someone as a gift
  • Capriole KAL – ended up being a shawl
  • Test Knit – I still can’t say what this was but I finished it 😉
  • Clover Ribs – socks
  • Strawberry Lace Scarf – first lacy crochet project
  • Sleeveheart – half circle shawl made for a friend of my mum
  • Courier Art Museum Yarn Bomb – knit/crocheted a bunch of pieces for this
  • Phoenix Feathers – Started as a KAL at my LYS, turned into a nice scarf-like shawl
  • Crushed – knit a second one of these for Kate at A Hundred Ravens Yarn
  • Summer Mystery Shawl 2013 – turned out to be a triangle shawl. Quite nice
  • Rockefeller – a shawl/wrap that I did as a KAL through my LYS
  • Mom’s Green Affection – knit a Color Affection shawl in green for my mom
  • Brandywine – knit this as a KAL with someone else who was just learning how to knit. Came out really well
  • Aidez – cabled cardigan that ended up not fitting 😦 but there’s someone I know who would appreciate it that it might fit. Hopefully she likes it.
  • Baby Blanket – crocheted a baby blanket for my cousin and his wife who had a second child the end of October.
  • And finally……………………
  • Season 12 Doctor Who Scarf – That’s right! I actually finished about 20 minutes before I wrote this blog post. I’m quite happy that it’s done. I may have had some problems but I like the finished product at least. (I’ll do a more detailed post later)

And now, unfortunately, the projects I’m carrying over into the new year. These are all projects I plan on finishing. Some were started due to starteritis and other’s because I’d been planning them for a while but either way I didn’t finish them.

  • Granny Cheyne’s Shetland Shawl – this was a far bigger lace shawl project than I thought it would be
  • Sky Scarf – I feel behind on knitting it, then I ripped it all out, and now I’m re-knitting it,. Hopefully it’ll be done soon.
  • Midnight Evenstar – another huge lace project that was very ambitious
  • Mindy Socks – originally started as a KAL, now I’m just trying to finish them
  • Bonfire Pi – felt the urge to make a pi shawl. Now I just need to finish it.
  • Fox Mits – fox themed mittens that I want to finish soon as it’s rather cold out right now
  • Selkie – cast on because I saw a sample at my LYS and fell in love with it
  • 8 Hour Shawl – a crochet shawl that’s taking far longer than 8 hours
  • Marigold in Purple and Blue – cast it on in a fit of starteritis. It’s more of a stole than a shawl.

On top of that I sewed my own costume of human!Luna for the anime con I went to and I sewed myself a circle skirt as well.

I hope everyone’s had a good year and I hope 2014 is even better.

Happy New Year everyone!


Comments welcome! :)

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