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After thinking about the projects I have still on the needles from last year (it’s funny to think about 2013 like that), I’ve decided that I need to decide what order I want to work on them in. Granted, I’ll probably break this after a week, but the mental exercise would do me good.

    1. I know it’s not knitting but that’s really the top of my to-do list until I actually get a job. I’m done school (hard to believe after all these years) and the next step is to find a job.
  2. Mindy Socks
    1. I finished the first sock last night and picked up what I’d started of the second sock (I’d started them 2-at-a-time), so now I’m aiming to finish the second sock by the end of the weekend if it’s the only thing I knit (ha!).
  3. Sky Scarf (2013)
    1. Of course, I had to rip out the six months of it I had knit and start over ‘cause I didn’t like the way it was curling. At least I don’t mind ripping out knitting! And I seem to be doing that a lot lately… anyways I have all of 2013 recorded so if I can knit a month every 2 days I should be able to finish by the end of January. That would be nice.
  4. Ginny’s Cardigan
    1. This is a KAL through my LYS which is starting January 10 and is supposed to finish February 21. We’ll see how well I keep up! So after the socks (and the sky scarf which is kinda ongoing), this is the highest priority as it’s starting next Friday and I’m hoping to be able to keep up with it, should be fun!
  5. Fox Mits
    1. These are so so close to being done that I just want them over with. I’ll probably work on them next even though their 5th on this list.
  6. Granny Cheyne’s Shetland Shawl
    1. I started this last January and I want to finish it before 2015. Of course I won’t be working on this exclusively, but I want to finish this before the cold weather hits again next fall (giant lace shawl ambition go!).
  7. 8 Hour Shawl
  8. Midnight Evenstar
  9. Selkie
  10. Marigold in Purple and Blue

And that’s that! That’s everything I have going (other than the Hexipuff thing, but that’s a perpetual ongoing that I’m not going to worry about) and hopefully by the time next Friday rolls around I’ll have a fair amount of progress to show for it!

PS: Sorry for not a lot of pictures. There’s isn’t much progress on any of these and besides, it’s hard to photograph every project I have right now. it’s a little crazy.


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