Finished and Frogged

I finished my “Mindy Socks”! The patter is actually “Pizzazz Socks August 2013 Mystery KAL” and I did start them back in August.

These were started August 15, and I finished them Jan 5. The first sock took me from August until January 2, and then the second sock too me only 3 days! So much for second sock syndrome. Either that or the boredom is kicking in. I need a job. I need something to do other than sit on the couch.

Anyways, you probably want to see them right? Well here they are!


It’s not the greatest picture but they’re done! And they fit (which is what really matters).

These were actually quite easy to make and even if I didn’t finish them in time with the actual KAL. They’re also nice and warm and considering how cold it is here today (as of writing it’s 13°F and it feels like -3°F) another pair of wool socks will do me some good.

Now for the frogging part of today’s post.

Do you remember the Pi Shawl I started, oh, ages ago? Well I frogged it. Ripped it all out. It wasn’t the pattern, I actually like Pi Shawls, instead it was the yarn. It was in Patons Lace and the little bit of mohair in it was driving me insane. All the little fuzzies were driving me nuts. I couldn’t stand it. And I have four skeins of that yarn to! At this point I’ll probably never use it so I put it up for sale on my rav page (or you can message me) $20 for the whole thing plus shipping. I just… don’t know what I’d ever do with it, so someone else who needs it can have it.

Hopefully everyone is staying warm in this abysmally cold weather!


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