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KAL – Ginny Cardiagan Part 1 – Complete

As I may or may not have mentioned last week, on Friday a KAL was started at my LYS to knit the “Ginny’s Cardigan” pattern.


I finished the first part this morning. It was to knit the ribbing and then through the waist decreases. Starting Friday is part two which is to knit the body increases. There’s a whole schedule to it and I’m holding myself to it because I want to try and pace myself, not go all gung ho about it quickly and burn out on it before it’s done.

So here’s what I’ve finished for this part:


I’m making the 40 1/4″ size. That’s the owl in the middle of the back there. I’m loving the purple color. The only problem is that I’m going to have to wear my hair up every time I wear the sweater! Or at least braid it. My hair is so long and poofy (read curly) that if I had it down or in a pony tail you’d never see the owl faces on the back!

Anyways, now that I’ve finished part 1 of the cardigan, I’m going to focus on my “Fox Mitts” until Friday and try to finish them up, cause that poor second mitt has been hanging around for far too long.


Yeah, that poor mitt. I really need to finish it. Hopefully I’ll get a good ways along it by the end of the week!

If you can’t tell, I’m trying to actually finish projects. I had so many hanging over form next year that I’ve made a promise to myself that I’m not going to cast on anything in January (other than the caridgan, but that’s the exception because of when the KAL started). And maybe February if I can’t get through a lot this month. Granted, I’m also looking for a job so I’m probably way overestimating my knitting time but I can certainly try!


2 thoughts on “KAL – Ginny Cardiagan Part 1 – Complete

  1. Heather said you did a special cast-on for the Ginny Cardigan. How did you like it? Also, did you do the ribbing the way the pattern said, with three stitches at one end and one at the other (or whatever it is, the pattern is not in front of me just now)?

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