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FO – Fox Mittens


That’s right! The mittens that, just last night, I was bemoaning not finishing, are now done!

Of course, I stayed up until midnight and then I started working on them at like 8AM this morning. So, yeah, these got finished quickly once I put my mind to it.



As you can see in the first picture above, they’re a little long. They won’t felt either because the yarn is superwash. In the second picture you can see that the left mitten is longer than the right mitten. Turns out? I shouldn’t do faire isle as magic loop. It doesn’t work real well. The right mitten (the second one and the one on top) was done on DPNs. Went much better and I didn’t feel like I was going to break the bamboo circular I used for the first one! I knit so tightly that if going in the round or working in a small size, I need to use metal needles. I break wooden ones far too often.

That brings me down to 7 WIPs. Yup, 7. Next one I’m going to finish? My Sky Scarf.


It’s in a rather sorry state right now because I ripped it out (not doing THAT again) and went back to using the garter stitch the pattern first said. I’m about halfway through January, and I’m hoping to be able to power through this. It’s a lot easier than the fox mitts. It’s some relaxing garter stitch, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll finish it by the end of the month.

With the exception of the Ginny’s Cardigan KAL, this is a no cast on month for me. I’m trying to FINISH stuff. February might be a no cast on month either so that I get through what I have already on the needles. And I was right, I’m not sticking to the list I made at the beginning of the month, though I’m holding to the general order of things so far.

PS: Two posts in two days? Maybe I’m getting better at this blogging thing! 😛


2 thoughts on “FO – Fox Mittens

    1. I’m hoping to finish the scarf soon. A month a day shouldn’t be too much right? I certainly knit some of my Doctor Who scarf at that rate.

      I’ll bring the mittens with me on Friday as well. 🙂

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