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FO – Sky Scarf

That right! I finished it! A year in the making, and it’s finally done. May I present my 2013 Sky Scarf.




Actually, I finished it yesterday.

The white stripes which are more evenly spaced than anything else, are my markers between the months. I wanted something to separate them so I did that since white wasn’t a color I was using.

As for my cardigan, two thing have happened.

  1. I realized I actually hadn’t finished the last section of the sweater because I missed the last line of the directions for that section.
  2. I have to make the sleeves at least 4 inches longer than the pattern says to be. Yay being short but having long arms!

So, this is the progress on the sweater as of about 2PM this afternoon. I’ve put another 10 inches on the sleeve since then.



Here’s to hoping February is warmer than January was!

And by the way? I’m not planning on ever doing a Sky Scarf again. That was a nightmare.


11 thoughts on “FO – Sky Scarf

  1. hey, the scarf looks great! and teh cardigan is going to be really pretty. But tell me – what was a nightmare about the scarf? Was it weaving in the ends? Keeping track of the weather?

    1. Thank you, I’m glad how it came out. As for the nightmare part, it was the keeping track part. The actual knitting didn’t take very long once I sat down and did it, but the keeping track, for the whole year, was driving me bonkers by the time I got to the end of December. I wouldn’t dissuade someone from making one, but I won’t be making another.

        1. Actually, I didn’t have that many ends. I carried the yarn up one side of the scarf, so I only had the ends at literally each end of the scarf to deal with, and that was it. Oh and the white spacers between each month, but I wasn’t weaving in ends on each row, that would have been madness.

    1. (This is in reply to both your comments 🙂 )

      As you saw, not top down, but it sure looks like it! The way the sleeves are attached meant that I couldn’t try it on until then.

      Thank you for your compliment. I’m quite happy with it. This is the first well-fitting sweater I’ve made and I’m quite happy with it. My mods (extra button and longer length overall) seem to have worked out quite well, so overall this gets a thumbs up.

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