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Coming Along

Slowly but surely my sweater (and other projects) are getting there.


As you can see, the sleeves are attached. Now all I need to do is the button band and the edge of the collar and then blocking! Doesn’t sound like a lot but I wasn’t able to work on it over the weekend because I forgot the other needle I needed at home (fun right?).

What I did work on was a cowl. Now I know I haven’t made a lot of those. In fact I don’t actually wear a lot of them, but this one wouldn’t leave me alone and, well, I wanted it. Even just to have said I made it. It’s called Gradient and it’s a free pattern from Shibui.


And there it is. It’s made by holding three strands of lace weight together in different colors to get the gradient effect. I’m loving how it’s turning our and the lovely ladies at my LYS are creating some lovely variations that are even more gorgeous than mine is.

Lastly, that ‘quick’ crochet project that I started back in…November, well, it’s getting rather large and is only going to get bigger by the time it’s done. I’m getting close to the end of the yarn I’m using (Caron One Pound) so, there’s a lot of yardage going into this thing (those One Pound’s are over 800 yards of aran weight acrylic). I’ll probably use the shawl as a blanket rather than a shawl.


That’s our love-seat so as you can tell it’s already rather large. And it’s only going to get bigger before it’s done.

As for the job hunt… I’m still looking. I had an interview last week, and I’m hopeful but for now I’m still applying to jobs. Hopefully I’ll have one soon!

2 thoughts on “Coming Along

  1. Your projects are just beautiful! You have done great work with your sweater. Mine is still just above the ribbing. And your gradient cowl–lovely! What yarn are you using? I love the idea of using your shawl as a blanket. It can keep you cozy and warm while you knit something else!

    1. Thank you!

      The yarn I’m using for the cowl is Silky Alpaca Lace by Classic Elite. Four colors in the same family instead of a bunch of different colors.

      And I actually finished that big blue shawl. There was only one row of crochet left in the ball before I had to end it so that’s another project finished.

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