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Two FO’s!

I finished two this week! That’s right, two whole projects! Both were close to being done though.

The first one I finsihed is the crochet shawl I talked about in my last post. I have yet to take another picture of it in its completed state so you’re going to have to take my word for it that it’s done. I actually only had one row left in the yarn from what I talked about on Tuesday. With that row done I did a single crochet around the whole edge to give it a nice finish and called it a success. 

Second finished project, drum roll please…


My Ginny’s Cardigan! That’s right! It’s done! In the above image, it’s still in it’s unblocked state. After I took that picture, I promptly wove in all the ends and washed and blocked it. Now, as I type this, it’s pinned to my bed, drying.



I also got the cutest owl buttons. Unfortunately, the store didn’t have enough (there’s 8 in the pack, I need 9), so I improvised and decided to alternate the owl with oak leaves. Who says you can’t have fun buttons. 🙂


I think they’ll look cute. 

That brings me down to 5 WIP’s which I think is a much more manageable amount. Of course, hopefully I’ll finish one (the cowl) soon, and that’ll be another one done too.

Still, two in one week is quite satisfying. So glad they’re done.

Lastly, Smokey decided to help me with weaving in ends on the sweater.



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