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FO – Gradient


Pattern: Gradient – cowl from Shibui Knits. Available for Free on Ravelry and the Shibui website.

Yarn: Classic Elite Yarns Silky Alpaca Lace in 4 different colors. Originally purchased from Twill Fabric & Yarn.

This was both a beast to knit, and a quick knit. It was a beast because I decided that every section was going to be 5 inches instead of 4 inches long. Which means I knit and extra foot and a half (that’s 18 inches!). The total length of the cowl was 89 inches (that’s nearly 7 1/2 feet!). It probably stretched some in the process of knitting it.

Originally the pattern calls for very fuzzy mohair yarn. I’m not a fan of very fuzzy mohair yarn. I prefer my yarns to be smooth. So I used the Silky Alpace Lace. Great stuff. Worked beautifully with the pattern.

For all of it was 7 1/2 feet of knitting, it went fairly quickly. It’s about the same as my Doctor Who Scarf, however, the main difference is that the Who scarf is garter stitch and this was seed stitch. I don’t think I’m going to want to touch seed stitch for a long while.

I’m just so happy with this cowl though! I normally don’t do cowls (as you might have figured out from my whole “almost never talking about them thing) but this just might make me a fan of cowls. We’ll have to see how it stands up over time. Since I can wrap it around my neck three times easily, It shouldn’t get too tight which is what I don’t like about them.






I actually didn’t take too many in progress photo’s. I was so focused on my cardigan that I just finished last week that I kept forgetting to take pictures of this project! Silly me! At least I’ll have plenty of opportunity to wear it, especially with the on-coming arctic blast that’s on it’s way. It’s gonna get cold here!

And of course, about 5 minutes after I finished the cowl and my mom had taken the pictures of me wearing it, I cast on another project. This time in a bright and sunny color means to keep the winter doldrums away, and it’s so bright and cherry it just might do that.

The pattern is Vino, from and it looks like it’s going to be an interesting knit. I’m make size S, and those should be plenty big enough for me.


PS: Job interview tomorrow afternoon, wish me luck!



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