Seeing the Harlot

I promise more details tomorrow (I’m wearing for Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, the author I went to see tonight put up her own blog post about it). I want to be able to link to her blog because, yeah, I was in the front row. In front of a group of nuns (fiber dying nuns!) and I know she’s going to be posting crowd pictures.

It was an awesome night, she was funny and witty and overall great. I’ll give you guys a better write up about it tomorrow when I’m not so tired from having a late night. Had to drive down to Brookline. Before that I went into Boston to pick up my mom from her work and then the two of us went into Brookline. If you haven’t driven in Boston, a word of warning. If you’re used to a grid system (like most cities in the US) and you’re used to roads making sense, don’t drive in Boston. Nothing is straight and nothing makes sense. Just an FYI for y’all.

Again, I’ll have a better write up for you folks in the morning after I’ve gotten some sleep, for now, have a picture of me with the “Yarn Harlot“, she was awesome.



2 thoughts on “Seeing the Harlot

  1. The roads in Boston never make sense because the original urban planners, near as I can tell, were a bunch of cows. 🙂

    My mother drove down to my work, then we took my car to Alewife and took the trains in. It was great seeing you in the signing line!

    1. They were a bunch of cows! And the Back Bay is all landfill! Boston is a mess but it’s great.

      I don’t know whether that worked better or worse than what my mom and I did. Partially because we had to drive home afterwards. 🙂

      It was good seeing you too!

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