Anime Boston 2014

What a weekend!

Anime Boston was this past weekend. I know I hadn’t mentioned anything coming up to the weekend, but as I wasn’t actually making a costume this year (I reused Luna from last year) there wasn’t much to blog about until it was all said and done with.

The worst part about the weekend is that Friday I came down with a really bad cold and was a bit zombie-like for the weekend. I still did my best to enjoy myself and have a good time regardless of how my Nyquil I had to take to be able to breathe.

I ran into someone I know from back in high school who had a table in Artist’s Alley, that was awesome.

I got mistaken for a female Doctor on Friday because I wore my Doctor Who scarf. I also had a panelist give me a hug for taking notes during her panel which was awesome.

Saturday I dressed up in the costume I made for AB2013. If you remember, I did a series of blog posts about making the outfit (though not how I did the wig, which was a whole lot of making-it-up-as-I-went). I ended up at a Sailor Moon photo shoot.

I'm second from the left of the image.
I’m second from the left of the image.

I don’t have a photo of the whole group you (I’m keeping an eye on the Anime Boston forums for group shots. Hopefully some pop up soon!).

Sunday, I didn’t dress up at all, only went to one panel, but by that time I was so exhausted from being sick that I just wanted to get home. I tried to have a good time, really I did, and I tried to make sure that I wasn’t a downer to my friends who I was with, but it only worked so well.

As for buying anything… my boyfriend only got me a few things (I didn’t want much anyways), but I’m happy with it. A lot of things in the dealers room are available cheaper online, and in Artist’s Alley, there were things I”d consider buying later but not as an impulse buy at a con.


That’s everything I got! The badge with the ‘con-plague’ button (I thought it was appropriate because I was sick). An AB2014 t-shirt, and a couple of ‘badges’ and buttons from an artist in Artists Alley.

If you can’t tell from how sick I said I was, I barely got any knitting done over the weekend. Last year I knit almost a whole pair of socks in the various panels that I went to. This year was a very different story.

Don’t worry, there will be more knitting soon. I’m still recovering today, but tomorrow or Thursday we should be back to regular knitting.


Comments welcome! :)

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