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Progress and New Projects

Well, so much for keeping my number of projects down! I’m still not in double digits yet. I’m up to 8, but one is on hold, so I have 7 that I’m rotating through.

Right now, I’m focusing on two patterns. My Granny Cheyne for one. Which finally has enough progress that you can see it from the last photo!


I’m about a 3rd of the way through the inner border. Only 65 rows to go! Then I can do the center square and then it’ll be done!

The other project is a test knit, so I really can’t show the project itself, but the yarn however….


It’s very pretty yarn. There’s some silk in it so it feels wonderful, and this should be a fairly quick project. I just started it yesterday so hopefully I can get through it quickly.

As for all my other projects… I took pictures of the stuff I’be been working on.

Sockhead Hat
I’m trying to knit a pair of socks without a pattern. I have a toe!
The Vortex Shawl
Dragon’s Egg Socks

And there you go! That’s just about everything.

Now I’m off to dress shopping for something to wear at graduation. After that? I’ll probably do some job searching and applying. Overall, should be a productive day!


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