Okay. That’s it.

I need to do something about my room. Seriously, It’s gotten very bad again. I’m going to publicly humiliate myself on my blog in order to motivate myself to clean my room. It worked a few summers ago, so it’ll probably work again.


That’s my room. The same room I’ve been living in since 2000 when my mom and I moved the summer before I started 7th grade.As you can see, most people would call it a horror show. I don’t particularly LIKE it this way (in fact, I don’t like it at all), and something needs to be done.

Since I’m still not working this seems like as good a time as any to get off my ass and do something. Yes, I’m still looking for a position somewhere. I’m just going a little stir crazy at home and need to doΒ something. I figured this is as good a thing to do as any.

Granted, I wish I could go buy another bookshelf, and replace my dresser with one that more suits my needs (my current furniture was a present for starting elementary school from my grandmother – I outgrew it years ago), but I can’t, so it’s best that I get off my butt and organize what I can while I can. I can at least get my bed and desk area in order, even if I can’t quite get all my clothes in the drawers (I only have 4) and even if I can’t get everything quite in order, I can at least try.

There has been knitting, but since it’s a test knit for an unfinished pattern I can’t exactly show you. I will say though, I ended up ripping back what I’d done last Friday and had to redo it because I lost count. ‘Tis the life of a knitter I suppose!

Hopefully I’ll have more knitting content (and a room update) for you on Friday.T


7 thoughts on “Okay. That’s it.

  1. when life gets out of control and shows itself in my house, I call on a friend to help. We play “Clean Sweep” and she is rough on me, which I need. Love it, need it, toss it (recycle, of course) are the three choices. And if you keep it, it has to have a place to go. So, if you get all done sorting, and it just won’t fit, you have to rethink storage options. I hope you have a friend who can help you do this. It is possible to get it completely done in a long day. If I lived closer to you, I would come and help. Instead, I will call my friend to come help me get the craft room under control….

    1. I managed to go a good chunk on my own. 5 big trash bags full of clothes to donate and 3 bags of trash (unfortunately no recycling in my neighborhood).

      I would definitely take you up on your offer if you lived close enough!

      Thanks for the ideas and encouragement, I need it!

  2. Getting things in order can definitely be a challenge. I am also dealing with a bedroom that has gotten very bad (and as I have more stuff than space it is debatable as to how much improvement I can create at present). Maybe we can encourage each other. πŸ™‚

  3. Show your progress pictures, too! So we can encourage you even more! Also, seeing other people’s success can inspire you. So, you can post progress pictures to inspire us, as well, and I’m guessing there are plenty of “before” and “after” pictures out there to inspire you.

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