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Day 2

As I mentioned on Wednesday, I came to the conclusion that my room needed a rather deep clean. I’m sure you, dear reader, agrees heartily after seeing the panoramic of my room that I posted. If you’re friends with me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you’ll have seen my running commentary in image form on the whole room-cleaning thing. I will say though, it’s rather difficult to see the improvement in the following photos, mainly because I was standing in my door to take them and they’re not the best angle to show what I’ve already cleaned.

To recap, this is my bedroom, Wednesday, before I began cleaning:


Now, this is my room yesterday afternoon after about 5-6 hours of hard work:


The results of yesterday were 3 1/2 bags of trash and 5 bags of clothes to be donated. I was very strict about getting rid of stuff I’ve never worn or haven’t worn in the last 5 years with the exception of college/HS sweatshirts. Those stayed.

And now, the results of today:


Today I focused on my desk the most (though I did do some work on my closet). I wanted to be able to actually use my desk. I figured if I had a dedicated place to sit (instead of say, the living room couch were I’ve been sitting) while I job search, I might get a bit more done. Yes I’ve been looking and applying, but I don’t know. There’s something about getting up in the morning, getting dressed and sitting down in a dedicated space that just seems better than lounging around all day in my pajamas. Though, honestly, starting to take my ADD medication is helping as well. I was hoping to go without (I’m quite good at functioning without it), but this job search is something that I really need to focus on and so, I’m back to taking it. I don’t like the idea of being dependent on a drug, but I have to admit, it certainly helps, and I had it prescribed for a reason in the first place.

Today my desk went from this:


To this:


Quite the improvement don’t you think? And this mess


is what was leftover and I’ve even taken care of that!

I’m on a roll!

I will, however, be taking a break from cleaning over the weekend. I stay with my boyfriend over the weekend so I won’t be home to clean anyways. I think it’ll be good though because I won’t get burnt out on cleaning too much too quickly.

After two days of work, I consider my room 1/3 sorted. For me, that’s great. If I can get my room straightened out by the end of next week, I can start working on all the other piles of stuff I have scattered around the house. I’ve got stuff (including yarn) taking up about half of the living room. Just my luck right? Get one thing clean, have 5 more!

Now, I do have some knitting for you folks! I found this


Which is probably one of the first things I ever knit! My grandmother (on my mom’s side) taught me when I was very young. I probably knitted that around the age of 5 or 6. As you can see it took a rather large beating over the years (I blame the cats).

The other thing is this!


It’s a ‘fascinator’ I made for my mom for her birthday (which is at the beginning of April). She runs her own Red Hat chapter and, remembering that I own a copy of Nicky Epstein’s book, “Knitting in Circles”, asked for a fascinator (like they wear in the UK) in purple with red accents.

I actually combined two patterns from the book, the red flower and greet petals came from the “Victorian Parasol” circle, and the purple circle they’re attached to is the “Radiator” circle from the book.

Now my mom wants another one! This time with the colors reversed. Red circle, purple flower. Well, I have until the end of April to do it!

Well, it certainly seems that self public humiliation really is a good motivator for getting things done! I’ve put another 4 repeats on that test knit, but I can’t post any pictures.

Have a great weekend everyone! And I’ll see how much cleaning I can get done on Monday for another post.

Comments welcome! :)

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