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FO: Sockhead Hat

Finished my hat! That’s what I spend my evening doing. I only had about an inch left on the body of it and then the crown decreases so that’s what I did.



did have to use a slightly larger needle size for the crown decreases. The hat is supposed to be knit on a US2.5. I knit most of the hat on those but I had to switch to US3s for the decreases cause I don’t have US2.5 DPNs. You can’t even really notice, so it’s no big deal.

This was a very simple knit. The ribbing got to be a bit of a pain in the tuchus but that’s about it. Mainly because by then I was kind of sick of ribbing. The stockinette section was dead easy, I even worked on it walking around the mall a couple of times. Like I said, easy.

It’s so nice to have a project off the needles. Granted, I probably won’t have another FO for a while, but it’s nice to finish something isn’t it?

Yes I’m still working on my room. It’s slow going.

Yes I’m still working on a job. It’s even slower going than my room!


Comments welcome! :)

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