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Test Knitting

I seem to be doing a lot of test knitting lately. This time, it’s for someone who teaches crochet at my LYS. Knitted shawl, three colors, and though I’m gonna show you the combination of colors, I’m going to hold off on the finished product until the pattern is released. I did some stash diving for this project which is good, since I’m determined to knit down my stash (though, really, is that ever going to happen?).


It occurred to me, after I chose the colors and stated knitting, that it’s actually very Halloween in terms of the color choices. Oh well! At least it’ll be ready for the fall!

In other knitting new, my grandmother (mom’s mom in this case) sound something very cool while going through some old stuff.


Knitting pattern packets from the 1920s. Cool right? It gets better.


See that pattern right there? See the writing under it? (You’ll probably have to expand the picture.) My great-grandmother knit that pattern for my grandmother (and one of her brothers) when said grandmother was 4 or 5 years old. Now that’s pretty darn cool, right? I thought so! It’s amazing my grandmother’s held onto them all these years. Ironically enough, a lot of the 20s sweater patterns in the two booklets are back in style and/or are easily adaptable to a more modern taste.

So, though knitting has been happening this week, it is, unfortunately, knitting I can’t show! Hopefully I’ll be working on one of my sock WIPs again and can show you the pogress on that. For now though, enjoy the tease of the test knit!

PS: Goals for the rest of this week? Clean another 1/3 of my room, making it 2/3 all clean.


Comments welcome! :)

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