12 Hours and Counting

The outfit has been chosen.

Food has been ordered and picked up (including cake).

Decorations have been gathered

Schedule of the day has been planned.

Music playlist is almost complete.

And my Facebook cover photo has been changed to this:

UML Grad FB Header

What is this all leading up to?

Graduation of course! I need to be at the arena by 8:15AM tomorrow morning at the latest. Graduation starts at 9AM. It’ll probably go roughly around 3 hours. I’m hoping to sneak knitting and my gameboy onto the floor so that I have something to do while I’m sitting there for all that time!

Afterwards is a small party for family and friends and then it’ll be official. Even though I’ve technically been done school since December, but now I’ll have attended graduation and it’ll officially be over.

It’s been a long road. A very long road. 8 years from when I started called in the fall of 2006 until now. I can certainly see how I’ve changed and matured and this journey has been a long one, but I don’t regret it in the least.


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